Basement Renovation

 Basements are typically about one third of the entire home’s available space, 600 to 800 sq. ft. in the average home. And while some basements have been finished to create more living area, the majority of these spaces are used as makeshift laundry rooms and storage repositories. 

You Can Turn Your Basement Into More:

  • Recreation Room
  • Home Office
  • Theater Room
  • Nany's Room
  • Rental Income

 Before embarking on a basement conversion, get serious about waterproofing. If water periodically wells up between the slab and foundation wall, or there are cracks in the foundation, you will need waterproofing. 1 STOP SHOP will be able to tell you whether the source of water is an easy one to stem—it can be as simple as gutters and downspouts not doing their jobs—or whether it’s more serious. 

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